Published: 2015-03-09

The first issue of the Open Access International Journal of Information, Communication Technology and Applications. All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication.


Mechanisms for QoE optimisation of Video Traffic: A review paper

Qahhar Muhammad Qadir
Abstract 1088 | PDF Downloads 13

Page 1-18

Increasing Wireless Adhoc Network Capacity through Simultaneous Transmissions

Robert Hunjet, Andrew Coyle
Abstract 640 | PDF Downloads 8

Page 35-54

Evaluating the Cascade Effect in Interdependent Networks via Algebraic Connectivity

Sotharith Tauch, William Liu, Russel Pears
Abstract 741 | PDF Downloads 11

Page 55-68


Page 69-82

Robust Cooperation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Anthony Krzesinski
Abstract 651 | PDF Downloads 8

Page 83-95

Efficiency Evaluation for Femtocell Spectrum Access in LTE-Advanced

Omar Arafat, Mark A Gregory
Abstract 726 | PDF Downloads 10

Page 96-111


Page 112-127

Passive Optical Network Survivability: Protection, Detection and Restoration

Huda Saleh Abbas, Mark A Gregory
Abstract 978 | PDF Downloads 7

Page 128-142

Improving Remote Method Invocation via Method Authorization and Elimination of Registry: An Exploration of Java and Haxe

Michael Adeyeye Oshin, Matthew Olusegun Ojewale, Oluyomi Olufemi Kabiawu, Romana Challans, Kauna Mufeti
Abstract 598 | PDF Downloads 3

Page 152-179