Published: 2018-03-18

The 2018 issue of the Open Access International Journal of Information, Communication Technology and Applications. All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication.


Effectiveness of Intrusion Detection Systems in High-speed Networks

Qinwen Hu, Muhammad Rizwan Asghar, Nevil Brownlee
Abstract 1063 | PDF Downloads 11 | DOI

Page 1-10

An Indoor Positioning System Using Multiple Methods and Tools

Michael Adeyeye Oshin, Nobaene Sehloho
Abstract 568 | PDF Downloads 3 | DOI

Page 11-22

Achieving Optimal K-Anonymity Parameters for Big Data

Mohammed Essa Al-Zobbi, Mr., Seyed Shahrestani, Dr., Chun Ruan, Dr.
Abstract 578 | PDF Downloads 1 | DOI

Page 23-33

Identifying Recurrence Behaviour in the Underlying BGP Traffic

Bahaa Qasim Al-Musawi, Philip Branch, A/Prof
Abstract 469 | PDF Downloads 4 | DOI

Page 34-47